Understanding Shared Goals

One of the exciting things about Goalify Professional is its ability to let you easily manage many clients. Shared goals is a feature specifically designed to make it easier for you to assign a specific goal to many clients at once, while only having to set it up once. You can turn a shared goal into a group challenge by enabling a performance ranking for all members.

What's a Shared Goal

A shared goal allows you to create one goal and assign many clients to it. Each client will receive an exact copy of the goal you created, and every change you make to the original goal will be reflected immediately in every client's copy. This means that instead of having to create the same goal for every client individually, you create it once and assign clients to it.

Each shared goal comes with its own dashboard, allowing you to quickly analyze and compare the progress of each client.

Some important details to remember:

  • Each client assigned to the shared goal will receive the same copy of the shared goal
  • Every change to the shared goal will change all copies of that goal
  • You cannot make changes that will only affect a single client or some clients
  • All assigned clients work on the same objectives at the same time
  • Clients assigned at a later date will not start from the very beginning but will be assigned the same objectives as all current participants (periods before joining will however not be marked as failed!)

Clients working on a shared goal will not see any difference compared to other goals coached by you.

Shared Goals vs. Challenges

Unlike challenges, shared goals do not provide a public ranking or common chat. Clients will only be able to record and view their own progress.

What's a Challenge?

A challenge is a special type of a shared goal. Members of a challenge will be able to access a public ranking, which displays and ranks all challenge participants according to their achievement performance. A challenge also provides a dedicated chat channel for all members to use.

Challenges are the perfect way to get many clients to work on a common goal and at the same time motivate each other thanks to the visible accountability provided.

Grow Your Audience

With the ability to also share a challenge invitation with non-clients, it is the perfect tool to grow your audience. Just share your challenge invitation code via e-mail or social media to get in touch with prospective clients.