Managing Challenges

Challenges are a great social tool, and they're very easy to create and quick to manage. You set a goal and invite people to work on it, and there's a scoreboard showing everyone's progress. With its dedicated chat channel, all members can easily get in touch and share motivational, fun and inspiring messages. This document tell's you everything you need to know to get started with challenges.

Understanding Challenges

We are really excited about the Goalify Challenge feature. While being very easy to use, it can nevertheless have a very significant impact on your clients. Since everybody can see the progress of other participants in real time, it is a great way to provide some motivational peer pressure.

A challenge works very similarly to a shared goal. You create a goal and assign clients to it, or you can choose to share an invitation code and invite people that might not be on your client list.

Each member of the challenge will receive an exact copy of the goal you created, and every change you make to the original goal will be reflected immediately in your client's copy. Every member gains access to a scoreboard that displays and ranks all participants according to their achievement progress. Every challenge can have its own chat channel. Participants of the challenge will also become members of the connected chat and will be removed from the chat when removed from the challenge.

Each challenge comes with a dashboard, allowing you to quickly analyze and compare the progress of each member.

Some important details to remember:

  • Each client assigned to the challenge will receive the exact same copy of the goal you created
  • Each change to the original goal will change all copies of that goal
  • You cannot make changes that will only affect a single client or some clients
  • All assigned clients work with the same objectives at the same time
  • Clients assigned at a later date will not start from the very beginning but will be assigned the same objectives as all current members (periods prior to joining are not marked as failed!)

Creating a Challenge

Quick Setup Tutorial

  1. Go to your team's Shared Goals menu
  2. Click the Create New Goal button
  3. Define the goal
  4. Publish it as a challenge

Since challenges are created just like a shared goal, please follow our instructions on creating a shared goal. At the end of the creation process, you will be asked whether or not you would like to convert the shared goal to a challenge. Make sure to answer that question choosing the Make Challenge option.

You can also choose to convert a shared goal to a challenge later on. Go to the setup tab of the shared goal's dashboard and select the Convert to Challenge button within the shared goal section.

Adding/Removing Participants

You can add your clients to the challenge by adding them as participants. Please follow our guide on how to add clients to a shared goal, because the process is exactly the same.

The same is true for removing members. Please see our removing members from a shared goal guide.

Inviting Non-Clients to Challenges

Quick Setup Tutorial

  1. Go to your team's Shared Goals menu
  2. Open the challenge
  3. Switch to the setup tab
  4. Click the Create Share Code button

Unlike shared goals, you can also choose to invite non-clients to take part in your challenge. For non-clients to be able to join the challenge, you need to create a shareable invitation code.

From the team's menu click on the Shared Goals navigation item to open the respective dashboard. Next, you need to open the challenge you would like to adjust by clicking on its name in the Goal list.

From the challenge's dashboard click the Goal Setup menu item. Next, click the Create Share Code button. This will create:

  • A shareable link for you to share
  • A QR code that can be scanned with the Goalify mobile app
  • An option to send the invitation via e-mail directly from within Goalify Professional

Communicating with Challenge Members

Quick Setup Tutorial

  1. Go to your team's Shared Goals dashboard
  2. Open the challenge
  3. Switch to the Setup menu
  4. Click the Create Chat Group button

Every challenge can have its own chat channel which all participants in that challenge can access. Whenever someone joins a challenge, he or she is also added to the connected chat. When someone is removed from the challenge, she or he is also removed from the chat.

To create the chat channel of a challenge, go to your team's Shared Goals dashboard. Open the challenge by clicking on its name and switch to the Setup menu. Click on the blue Create Chat Group button to create the group chat.

Adding Coaches

You can add coaches to the challenge chat at any time. Learn more about the chat feature by reading our group chat guide.

Deleting a Challenge

Quick Setup Tutorial

  1. Go to your team's Shared Goals menu
  2. Open the challenge
  3. Remove all members
  4. Choose the Delete Goal option from the Actions button

To delete a shared goal, switch to the Shared Goals menu of your team. Open the challenge you would like to delete, by clicking on its name.

You need to remove all client's before you can delete a challenge. You will find all current members in the Members section. Select all members and click the red Delete button.

From the goal's man Actions button, choose the Delete Goal option. You will have to confirm that you really want to delete the challenge, as this action cannot be reversed.

Deleting a Challenge

If you delete a challenge, you and all current members will lose access to the shared goal's data, its connected goals and to a connected group chat. If you want clients to keep their individual goals, remove them from the challenge before deleting it.